The most interesting opportunity for beer/wine/liquor advertising in a decade

Simply put, it is a compelling blend of short segment entertainment clips designed to play without audio. Our customers tell us, “There is no doubt that people are GLUED to the screen the whole time they are here.” And, “Dog Haus TV is F-ing Awesome!” Place Based Advertising, at the point of sale, blended with content they, “… can’t turn away from”. It’s about as good as advertising gets. If TrueSync does’t move the needle for you, nothing will!

Proven Effective!

Buffalo Wild Wings and TrueSyncMedia Bourbon Products Test Demonstrates Tremendous Digital Signage Potential in Bar/Restaurant Environments •Targeted products see nearly tenfold increase in sales •Overall bourbon sales jump 150% despite cannibalization of competing brand products

From zero to the #1 pour

In the 30-day study period the test product (Jim Beam Kentucky Fire) improved (from a baseline of zero pours) to become the #1 pour in its category.

Stop the spray and pray!

Running ads on broadcast television and hoping they’ll hit your target audience in the Bar is so 2008! Think about it. It’s the video… of a Talk Radio program… ON MUTE! Who watches that to see your ad? Nobody does but everybody is, “glued”, to TrueSync and you’ll be shocked at how affordable it is. You’ll probably feel bad for taking advantage of us but that’s OK. We are here to serve!

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