• “Definitely keeps people here longer and spending more money.”

  • “Can’t take my eyes off it!”

  • “Way better than CNN or SportsCenter, on mute”

  • “This is the best thing we’ve ever brought in here! Our customers love it.”

Venue Branded TV Channel

We offer custom branded content that is engaging, enticing, and perfect for any location. Designed to play without audio, our high quality clips will add ambiance to your venue and entertain your guests.

On Site Promotion

Feature your products and specials through a branded TV channel with engaging content in between.



  • Installation
  • Technology
  • Maintenance


  • HD Video
  • Brand Advertsing
  • Venue Messaging

No Hassle

Our High Definition media plays off of local storage, so you don’t have to worry about internet bandwidth per screen.  Even if the internet goes out, TRUESYNCTV players keep on playing our awesome content and your promotions.