Health Care Systems Communications Challenge

Hospital and medical office waiting rooms typically show boring TV programming. Patients tune out and stare at their phones or pick up a magazine. The provider is wasting an opportunity to keep their patients entertained, encourage healthy lifestyles and promote their branding.

The Solution

TRUESYNCHEALTH provides engaging content, combined with health-promoting messages and branding/promotion. Completely elevating the patient experience.

Patients Love It

"So much better than TV on mute" "I never know what I’m going to see next" "One patient asked if she could finish watching the cooking clip before we started”

Measurable Differences

Increases patient satisfaction and willingness to recommend by 4.5% Imparts information that increases and reinforces health literacy Motivates patients to consider changing behavior with better decision-making This innovative communication channel requires a third part with the expertise to design, deploy and manage across internal, partner and community venues.

No Hassle

TRUESYNCHEALTH creates and curates content tailored to your system’s specific messaging. Our HD media plays off of local storage and never goes down. Delight your clients and employees.