TrueSync Media Grows its Network of Screens 48% in Three Months

 TrueSync Media, an entertainment network for bars, restaurants, and healthcare systems, is rapidly expanding its network of screens and continuing the growth of its captive viewing audience.

(Denver, CO) – February 18, 2020 – TrueSync Media, Inc., a Denver-based media company with a new and entertaining approach to content played on TVs in public venues across the nation, is rapidly expanding the reach of its game-changing TV network. Its fast growth raises TrueSync’s attractiveness as a new channel for advertisers to reach a coveted demographic of viewers.

Raising TrueSync’s screen reach has been a key goal for the company since its inception – the more screens captured, the more people watching and, consequently, the greater the potential for growth in advertising revenue. TrueSync is now more than halfway through a $2MM capital raise, and with that funding intends to redefine how people engage with TVs in public places. TrueSync has now entered its planned rapid screen expansion phase of growth. Since October the company added 98 new screens in bars and restaurants, growing its reach from 214 to 317 screens (48.1%). Combined with its healthcare operations, TrueSyncTV now reaches more than 400 screens in 126 venues across 11 states. And with its newly opened Seattle branch (January 2020) and other expansions to follow, TrueSync expects its screen reach to accelerate rapidly through 2020 and beyond.

This continuing growth in demand for TrueSyncTV demonstrates rising interest in TrueSync’s approach to a locally branded, internet-connected, HD private network TV.

TrueSync’s attention-grabbing short-clip video entertainment is provided to venues for free, along with local branding and on-screen venue promotion minutes. In return, TrueSync gains viewers for its advertising audience – more impressions equal more revenues. Because TrueSyncTV content is downloaded in off-hours for later replay and isn’t live-streamed, each screen can feature unique content and playlists. Broadcasts are delivered in HD quality and do not compete for bandwidth with a venue’s customers. It’s easy to believe the fact that TrueSync has had zero screen churn – meaning not a single venue has ever asked for a player to be removed after installation.

Rob Hill, TrueSync President, commented “In October we challenged ourselves to see how quickly we could grow. The results have been gratifying and an example of the power of TrueSyncTV and our team.  We are executing on our business plan and plan to use the funds from our equity raise to further push our growth into new markets, more screens, and increased advertising revenue.” 

About True Sync Media, Inc.

Bar, restaurant, and healthcare center TV network which displays compelling short-clip videos, interspersed with venue-relevant advertising and content, curated to catch the patrons’ eye. Venues get a free, branded TV network that keeps patrons in their seats, resulting in larger average checks. Venues also receive free ad minutes to promote their specials and events. Advertisers maximize the impact of their ad spend with TrueSyncTV’s low CPM (cost per 1,000 impressions), micro-targeted channel, presented directly at the point of sale.


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