TrueSyncTV Discovers a New Audience in Steamboat Springs, CO

TrueSyncTV expands its network of screens and tests a new market after a successful introduction of TrueSyncTV at bars and restaurants in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

(Steamboat Springs, CO) – March 6th, 2020 – TrueSyncTV is a branded TV network for bars and restaurants that utilizes the valuable 21+ consumer demographic to play targeted advertisements directly at the point of sale. For TrueSync, the biggest priority is to have as many screens in its nationwide network. With the addition of Steamboat Springs, Colorado—deep in the heart of Ski Country USA–it’s not only added new screens, but discovered potential for TrueSyncTV in the upscale resort town market.

TrueSyncTV recently added 6 new venues in Steamboat Springs, amassing a total of 25 new screens with anticipation of 24-40 more screens in Steamboat in the near future. Among these new iconic venues are Slopeside Grill, Gondola Pub & Grill, Snow Bowl.. In resort towns like Steamboat, the bar and restaurant options are more limited but experience huge increases in seasonal volume. It would take only a handful of venues to make TrueSyncTV unavoidable to visitors and locals alike.

Considering that TrueSyncTV has a massive collection of ski and snowboard content in its library, the venues and their customers have responded very well to the network. If Steamboat proves to be a successful location for TrueSyncTV, it would guarantee the company’s success in ski areas and resort towns across the nation.

TrueSyncTV is focused on targeted advertising, capturing the right audience, and increasing its nationwide network size. This expansion into Steamboat Springs is not only an increase to TrueSyncTV’s audience but opens up potential for the network in seasonal destinations heading forward.

Scott Davis, TrueSync Founder and Head of Business Development stated “we made a two-day all-out push in Steamboat and the results were fantastic!  Bars and restaurants are tired of talking heads on their screens 90% of the time and TrueSyncTV fills that gap with captivating content that literally has the patrons’ eyes glued to our screens.”

About True Sync Media, Inc.

TrueSyncTV is a bar and restaurant TV network which displays compelling short-clip videos, interspersed with venue-relevant advertising, curated to catch the patrons’ eye. Venues get a free, branded TV network that keeps patrons in their seats, resulting in larger average checks and increased dwell time, along with free ad minutes to promote their specials and events on the network. Advertisers maximize the impact of their ad spend with TrueSyncTV’s low CPM and micro-targeted network, being presented directly at the point of sale.


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